I’m sure you would agree when I say that a lot of people are into photography these days with affordable smartphones at their disposal. The smartphones have become really smart when it comes to taking crisp & clear shots, that was not possible even a decade ago. This has spawned a host of trigger happy photographers who are looking to make a living out of photography.

With the advent of Social Media and the demand for stock photos rising every day, Photography has become a major Industry with photographers in high demand. As a result of photography becoming a major money-spinning business, we have witnessed a rise in demand among professional photographers for Logos, for their presence online. This is where Logo Makers Online has come as a boon for those who do not know a lot about Logo Designing.

Keeping in mind the demand for Business Logos, we have listed Top 10 Logo Makers for Photography, that would go a long way in building a Brand Identity for your Business.

[Disclaimer: We are not an affiliate of any of the Logo Makers mentioned here]      

1. DesignEvo 

This Logo Maker for Photography allows you to create Logos for free. You can use more than 10000 Templates that they provide to create professional-looking Logos for your photography website or studio. It has a large number of fonts and icons for you to use. If you use the application, you don’t need to be an expert to create a logo for your Business. Additionally, it has earned the trust of a lot of users who have used their Logo Maker.     


Try it now for free here.  


2. Logaster

For those who don’t have the technical wherewithal or an eye for design, logo creation seems an overwhelming & daunting task. But you don’t have to fret when there is something like Logaster available to make your life easy. You just have to select one of their beautiful templates to start creating Logo for your Business.


Check out their Free Logo Maker for Photography here.    


3. Brandcrowd

With Brandcrowd you have hundred of templates to select from, to create logos that look as if they have been handcrafted. You have various Colors & fonts to customize your Logo to your liking. What’s more, you can download your logo & start sharing it on your Social Media pages.


Start creating your Logo for free here.


4. Looka

Looka uses Artificial Intelligence to create Logos for your photography business. All you need to do is enter your Company name and select the logo styles, colours, and symbols you would like to have and it generates a lot of design options in seconds for you to choose from. You can opt for any of the options and customize it to your liking. You can preview the logo & update its real-time. The logos fit perfectly on different Social Media Channels so you don’t have to resize it every time.     


Try Looka Logo Maker here for free.


5. Turbologo

With Turbologo you can use your own images or live photos to create high-quality Logos that would truly represent your creativity & create a brand identity. Under their basic plan, you get vector SVG files for use on signboard, brochure etc. What’s more, you can make unlimited changes for the first 30 days.


Try Turbologo now.


6. Logocrisp

Logocrisp is one of those Logo Makers that has great number of varied templates to choose from. You can also select one of the icons from the icons library or upload your own image to use as a logo. Once you’re done with customizing your logo to your heart’s content with their editor you can save and download it your account.   


Want to try out Logocrisp? Click here.



If you’re looking for a professional logo maker for Photography, logo design is perhaps one of the best that is available. It has a vast array of professional templates that you can customize to suit your business. Their Free Logo maker allows you to customize font, colours, text, effects and shapes to your liking. Once you are satisfied with your Logo you need to pay a small amount to download the files for printing or for digital use.


You may try out Logodesign here.


8. Logos.viewbug

Logos.viewbug is a little different from the other Logo Makers that have been mentioned earlier. It creates signature logos that is ideal for photography websites and for watermarking your photos online. It creates a distinct brand identity, not to say that a graphic logo doesn’t. You just have to select the font you want, enter your name and email address. Once you’re done, you have to pay a small amount to get your logo sent to your email address and you are good to go.


Check out Logos.viewbug.



With Logomaker all you need to do is enter your Company’s name and a slogan(optional) and pick from the hundreds of available design templates. You can edit your design, change colours, fonts, add symbols, pictures to suit your brand. Once you’re satisfied with your customization you can download your logo immediately for use on various platforms.       




10. PicMonkey

If you’re looking for an easy to use Logomaker for photography with a vast array of institutive tools then PicMonkey is for you. You can make a logo with a transparent background so it can be used anywhere. You can also use it to watermark your images. To top it all, you can create a logo for your Youtube Channel. For added convenience, Pickmonkey is available on Google play store as well as on the & Apple store, so you can create your logo on the go.


Try PicMonkey here.


All said and done, though Logo Makers Online seems an easy and convenient way of creating Logos for your photography business, with its DIY interface and a host of choices available in terms of Fonts, Colors & Design for you to choose from & edit, it’s always advisable to opt for the services of a professional Logo Making company who have been in the business of creating Logos for years and have seen & done it all. If you opt for one you get the benefit of professional support and design with the option of making changes, without having to do it yourself. The time spent on designing & making changes yourself would be better spent on your other important business tasks.


Talking about professional Logo making company, Skyscraper solutions have been designing Logos for SMEs & Large Enterprises for the last 4 yrs. The positive Reviews of our Customers for our services bears testimony to the fact that we have been successful in our attempt to fulfil their requirement of creating a professional-looking Logo for their Business. For more information about our services click here.    


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